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Due to the recent developments of Corona across the globe, Legends of Gold, the only Olympic Developmental Academy sponsored by USAW, is proud to offer our Online Training Center (OTC) to students and adults around the country.

This includes virtual practices daily to ensure our members achieve and maintain their best physical health, virtual coaches who communicate and mentor our members, a podcast that features some of the best content around, and more!

We feel as there is a need to be filled with parents and student-athletes to continue pushing ourselves in this great sport.  It can be easy for many to get complacent or just needing direction during these unique times - but winners practice winning - so here we are!


This Online Training Center offers a variety of benefits for those eager to continue developing both in the sport, offer more structure throughout the day, and stay productive as we all work through this.

Whether you are a student-athlete who wants to stay sharp, improve your technique and skills, build your strength and conditioning, and have access world-class coaches and athletes - this is for you!

This program also benefits parents through this time as it helps keep your child productive, continues to enhance their discipline, provides positive social interaction, helps with motivation and accountability, and helps mentor them through this changing world.


Even before this health crisis, we ran one of the best programs in the country, with numerous World Team Members, National and State Champions, All-Americans, etc. at every level.  Clearly you need contact to truly develop in a contact sport, however we can still #getbetter.

There will come a time when this will pass and life gets back to normalcy.  When that time comes some will have faltered and others will have taken advantage of the opportunity and strived.  We are the latter.

Our virtual practices are designed to maximize this opportunity, with multiple classes throughout the day filled with technique, strength, conditioning, and athletic development.  Our classes utilize Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts so we can see each other continue social interaction and building our family - online!


Already with one of the best coaching staffs in the country at any level, we have now expanded to include a national network of coaches and athletes through our  virtual platform.  

These coaches not only run the online training but also reach out and work with individual athletes 1-on-1 in a variety of areas, from wrestling technique, motivation, and positive mentoring through this unique time.

We are also consistently focused on getting better and expanding our resources to include more coaches and athletes from around the country weekly.  If you've ever wanted to be coached or mentored by anyone in particular, we are working to set that up!


With the social distancing in effect for the foreseeable future, we all still need to stay connected and stay in tune with the world.  Parents, coaches, athletes and fans alike need a place where we can connect, share ideas and encourage each other.

Our podcasts not only feature our world-class staff but also interviews others around the country and globe with wrestling as our universal language.  We cover a variety of issues including What Happens Next?, Staying Motivated, Finding Yourself, Bouncing Back, etc.

These podcasts feature in depth information, insight, laughs, and an overall great platform for us to connect!


Sure, it is easy to go find technique and wrestling videos almost anywhere.  Whether it is YouTube or another wrestling platform, there are thousands of videos out there to choose from.

However, just like with any team or program, synergy is key.  When you get in a certain position and have four coaches showing you different things to do, let's say all of them correct - by themselves.  

When you put these individual moves together into a PROVEN system is when your true success takes shape.  For this reason we have hundreds of proven techniques, habits and skills for our members to learn from 24/7.


Most coaches show you the move, and you go train it.  This works in a captive audience and everyone gets better to some degree.  But oftentimes when you take that technique and compare with anothers, we can begin to break it down and see what works better versus what does not.

For this reason our world-class coaches do not simply "show" you moves but mote importantly we "teach" you.  This gives our members a HUGE advantage over others because we can understand better as we are equipped with more information.

Added to our technical learning, members of our OTC will have access to other e-learning models including study materials, guides, worksheets, daily task, etc.  Wrestling is both an art and a science.  Becoming a student of the sport and developing our wrestling IQ is just as important as almost anything else.


Under the circumstances of not knowing what the direct future holds for us, we have several options available for prospects.  We hope you can be a part of our OTC family and grow together in this great sport with our eyes on the future!


Begins April 1, 2020

Whether you just want to try it out or believe we will be back to normal at the beginning of May.




April 1, 2020 - June 30

Designed with 3 months in mind hoping we will be released roughly around that time.




April 1, 2020 - September 30, 2020

You are a year-round wrestler and need your fix, but believe we are not getting back to normal anytime soon.