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middle school

At this age group things begin to alter some in many families as wrestling starts getting relatively competitive.  The success of some names begin to stand out more than others.  The competitive drive in parents increases too as everyone becomes more comfortable in the wrestling world.


It begins to be much more social as families are looking for extra training and anything to get that edge.  It can be easy to club hop here but this is where it comes to trust the long-term process.

The middle school years are more volatile as kids are able to begin participating in multiple sports, the social life begins to take form, multiple wrestling coaches and systems are available, etc.

Throughout all of this volatility, Legends of Gold continues to stand out because our system is designed to excel at all levels.  Our continued focus on world-class fundamentals, habits, skills, along with the Olympic foundation puts our expectations still higher than everyone else.

Our middle school athletes, especially those who have been with us for three years begin moving up the food chain from an accolade standpoint.  It goes from placing at state, to winning, and then contending for the triple crown.  Even still, our mebers grow to learn that we are our only competition and we are not defined by titles or wins or losses.  Wrestling is something that we do, not who we are as people.  Having fun on the way to #1 becomes more prevalent at this age.

addtional info

Grades: 5 - 8


L.O.G. Fishers

Krav Maga                               

7264 Fishers Crossing Dr         

Fishers, IN 46038


L.O.G. Indy               


4903 N. 23rd Street

Indianapolis, IN 46218

Practice Schedule:

Mondays & Wednesdays:     

6p - 8p @ Fishers                     

7p - 8:45p @ Indy


6p - 7:45p


$150         Monthly

$1500       Annually

$250         10 Practice Pass

$50           Drop-In Fee

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