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Our youth program at Legends of Gold is one of the best in the country.  Our reputation is that of quality over quantity and this is primarily due to the world-class system, programming and schedule we have in place.  It is not for everyone.  


We sacrifice short term success for long-term development, focusing more on athletic development and having fun than wins or losses at this age.  Wrestling is arguably the most difficult sport in school, so getting them to like and love the sport is necessary for the journey we intend to take.

From a technical standpoint we progress faster than average because we focus a lot on a little versus a little on a lot.  With elementary/beginner students we usually spend the first 1-3 years dialing in our stance and motion, for example, as opposed to learning a ton of advanced technique. 

Focusing on fundamentals hard, especially in the beginning, is vital to their long-term development and growth.  Even still, as we dial in on basics, athletes and parents will be able to see both instant and gradual success.

With all of this said, this is also one the most exciting and important times to begin planting Olympic seeds!  Our program differs in that we teach Olympic level curriculum from the beginning of their careers and not towards the end - if they are fortunate. 


Once planted and watered daily, weekly, monthly, etc. these seeds begin to spread and eventually take hold.  What may have initially not been on the radar or a concept that was once a world away now becomes a possibility! 

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Grades: K - 5


L.O.G. Fishers

Krav Maga                               

7264 Fishers Crossing Dr         

Fishers, IN 46038


L.O.G. Indy               


4903 N. 23rd Street

Indianapolis, IN 46218

Practice Schedule:

Mondays & Wednesdays:     

6p - 8p @ Fishers                     

7p - 8:45p @ Indy


6p - 7:45p


$150         Monthly

$1500       Annually

$250         10 Practice Pass

$50           Drop-In Fee