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Our Mission

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Legends of Gold Wrestling Academy is an exclusive program fueled by the Olympic spirit and focuses on maximizing our members potential in wrestling and life.


As the only international developmental academy in the nation sponsored by USAW, our members receive unique world-class training and opportunities that ensure success at all levels. 

We essentially provide less of a service and more of a product.  This product is a self-confident student-athlete that learns to practice winning in everything they do: in the practice room, matches, classroom, hallways, at home and in the community. 

Our mission in wrestling, and life, is simply to "get better".  Whether we are a beginner or the defending champion - we must get better.  There is no room for complacency and never a finish line.  We go above the expected and learn to embrace our mistakes.  We  enhance our discipline and get out of our comfort zones.

As we focus on getting better, our members come to understand that we are our only competition.  We have an internal locus of control and we only compete with ourselves.  We are competing against our fear, laziness, complacency, lack of focus, etc. Our only job is to be the best version of ourselves.

While understanding this mindset we consequently learn to retain and understand our ultimate power of self.  We begin to take our destiny into our own hands and cleave through wrestling and life knowing the universal law of attraction only works if we do.

This change in attitude results in better wrestling across the board.  Our training becomes more focused as winners practice winning in everything they do, so practices have more purpose as opposed to going through the motions.   

Becuase of our position on being our only competition, we understand the difference between Competing vs. Performing.  In any sport, team or individual, the runner-up or losers say "We competed hard, but..."  whereas the winners say, "we performed well".  Therefor we do not focus on "competing" but instead "performing".


The ultimate shift in our minds changes the reality that we create, so wrestling then becomes a vehicle to practice success in life - and we get results.  Our hope is that families give us an opportunity and, if so, we expect to train their student-athlete for life.


Being a State or National Champion is really cool, but it does not define who we are as individuals.  We all have power, and our goal is to teach our members to use their power for good and ultimately become leaders on our team, in school, and positive members of the community. 

Please feel free to look through our site and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us HERE!

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