Women saved wrestling.  It's really that simple.  For this reason, women's wrestling has taken off around the world and is growing every year.

Several Olympic cycles ago the sport of wrestling was up to be removed from the Olympics by the International Olympic Committee.

To prevent this, a unified international wrestling community campaigned tirelessly to keep wrestling in the Olympics, especially with wrestling being an original event at the ancient Olympics.

Through perserverance and dedication by the wrestling community, wrestling was able to stay in the Olympics.  The primary reason?  They reduced the men's weights and expanded the women's.

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This expansion almost single-handedly allowed wrestling to continue striving for the ultimate goal of an Olympic championship.  Because of this, women's wrestling received renewed and increased exposure and energy worldwide.  What was once an area that was overlooked, neglected and in some cases not even allowed, is now the fastest growing sport for girls in the country.

Some countries are further along than others and, here in the U.S., some states are ahead of others.  Traditionally states such us California, Washington, Michigan, etc. are very good.  Here in Indiana we are heading in the right direction. 


Although the IHSAA has not sanctioned girls wrestling - yet - the community has embraced it and there are more practices, tournaments, and programs for girls than ever before.  The girls state championship is currently sponsored by IHSWCA.

Additionally, women wrestle FREESTYLE in college, which is different than the style of wrestling in school (Folkstyle).  The U.S. loves our Folkstyle wrestling, but the purest understand that training in this Olympic style for girls is essential. 


Because girls wrestling is not a fad anymore, the quality of wrestling has also gotten better nationally.  This plays right along with Legends of Gold position as we have an extensive history of producing some of the best ladies in wrestling.  

We hope to have the opportunity to train your young lady and can guarantee she will be in the best hands.  We are proud to have some of the best coaches in the world on staff, including the most successful women's wrestler in the state, together with our expectations and system are sure to have your young lady on the path to greatness.

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Grades: All ages


L.O.G. Fishers

Krav Maga                               

7264 Fishers Crossing Dr         

Fishers, IN 46038


L.O.G. Indy               


4903 N. 23rd Street

Indianapolis, IN 46218

Practice Schedule:

Mondays & Wednesdays:     

6p - 8p @ Fishers                     

7p - 8:45p @ Indy


6p - 7:45p


$150         Monthly

$1500       Annually

$250         10 Practice Pass

$50           Drop-In Fee