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Legends of Gold is one of the few programs across the country that offer a dedicated Senior/University Program where our student-athletes continue training and growing in the Olympic styles.

Most times when a high school student signs to wrestle in college, their development is given over to the collegiate program.  Under normal circumstances this is natural.  However, at LOG we understand that, like High Schools, there are also collegiate wrestling programs that are sub-par.

Even from a recruiting standpoint, we are very particular about where our members go to college.  Not all college programs train in the Olympic styles, have a summer training program (RTC), or have the high expectations we have here at LOG.  For this reason, we do not sever ties with our collegiate athletes but continue to ensure they are getting fed the proper training and development.  

We expect all of our members to pursue success wrestling in college and contrary to what many families feel - wrestling in college is easy.   You don't need a professional recruiter or to win a State or Fargo Championship to do this.  Unfortunately, it is as simple as saying those words: "wrestle in college", and if this is all they want to do then there hundreds of college programs around the country that want and need wrestlers, regardless of the division.

At LOG, we do not simply intend to have our student-athletes wrestle in college but to be successful in college.  For example, if we go on a recruiting visit and the coach says, "if you come here you could potentially All-American", then that is a clear sign for us that it is not the place for us.  Our expectations are higher than becoming an "All-American".  We focus our energy on being the best we can be, which means "National Champions."

With this said, our LOG Senior/University Program takes college-level athletes and gives them an opportunity to train, develop and compete out-of-season.  Due to collegiate compliance issue, we actually have an easier time doing this than the college itself.  Our student-athlete continue to compete as well at various Open tournaments regionally and nationally, capping off the season with the U23 World Team Trials.

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