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Capping off Legends of Gold is our world-class Masters & Veterans program.  More and more clubs and academies are opening their doors to this age group, but they are behind us as we feature several Masters level athletes and coaches with national and international success. For others it is a fad but for us it is still a lifestyle.

Whether it is staying in shape, getting back into competing, or using this as a tool for parents to get closer to their kids, wrestling at this age is as fun as it was years ago.  However we are just as competitive now more than ever.

The USAW Masters/ Veterans program is a loose but dedicated network of coaches and administrators around the country.  This age division is not as popular here in the U.S. as much as it is worldwide, but our program is designed to help this cause.

At Legends of Gold, these legends train in a fun and challenging environment.  Even still, we train to win.  We train in all three styles and push our Masters to compete as much as possible, locally, nationally and internationally.  Our staff helps lead this charge with two UWW World Medalist at the helm there to aid this group in getting healthier, stronger and better.

The 2021 UWW Veterans World Championship will be held in Greece this year in early October.  Leading up to this event are several national tournaments which include Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman events.  Our goal is to take as many Masters to these events as possible but we do expect to come back with two World Championships for the U.S. this year.

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Masters A: Born 1987 - 1996

Masters B: Born 1979 - 1986

Masters C: Born 1971 - 1978

Masters D: Born 1963 - 1970

Masters E: Born 1955 - 1962

Masters F: Born 1946 - 1954


L.O.G. Indy               


4903 N. 23rd Street

Indianapolis, IN 46218

Practice Schedule:

Mondays & Wednesdays:             

7p - 8:45p @ Indy


6p - 7:45p @ Indy


12p - 2p @ Indy


$100         Monthly

$1000       Annually

$250         10 Practice Pass

$50           Drop-In Fee

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